The 75 Founders

   This was a unique concept in Iloilo. Instead of constructing the infrastructure first, the pool of doctors who will support the Hospital were recruited from the start and involved in the decision making. Initially, it was a leap of faith for the major investors or founders who took the risk and believed that the dream could be realized. These doctors and corresponding specialty were:

1) Abelita, Ellen D., MD-Obstetrics-Gynecology
2) Albaña, Grace, B., MD-Internal Medicine- Oncology
3) Alcala, Angelo L., MD- Internal Medicine
4) Alcala, Ma. Mercedita P., MD-Pediatrics, General
5) Alindong, Ray L., MD-Internal Medicine
6) Anayan, Ma. Theresa Crisanta L., MD- Internal Medicine, Pulmonology
7) Anayan,Jr., Segundo L., MD- General & Laparoscopic Surgery
8) Angelias, Marie Josephine M., MD-Pediatrics, General
9) Barrameda, Romulo S., MD- Surgery, Renal Transplant
10) Barrera, Ma. Perpetua Socorro S., MD-Pediatrics, General
11) Bascos, Ma.Candie Pearl O., MD- ENT
12) Bedia, Alma Mae S., MD-Obstetrics-Gynecology
13) Beltran, Janet A., MD- Internal Medicine, Neurology
14) Bondoc, Clemencia D., MD- Family Medicine
15) Cañonero, Raoul R.,MD Surgery, Orthopedics
16) Castillo, Josie, MD. Pediatrics, Gastroenterology
17) Celis, Marian, MD.-Internal Medicine, Pulmonology
18) Conducta, Rosita, MD.- Dermatology
19) Cosca, Rowena G., MD- Psychiatry
20) De La Cruz, Julie Ann B., MD- Pediatrics, Infectious
21) Dulos, Irwin D., MD – Radiology
22) Dulos, Ma. Ohara J., MD-Pediatrics, Pulmonology
23) Dulos, Roger B., MD-Internal Medicine, Rheumatology
24) Encarnacion, Danilo A., MD- Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology
25) Eslaban, Ma. Bernadette, MD.-Internal Medicine, Nephrology

26) Felisarta, Ma. Socorro C., MD-Anesthesiology
27) Felisarta, Marcelino B., MD-Internal Medicine, Cardiology
28) Fernandez, Grace J., MD-Internal Medicine, Geriatrics
29) Flores, Jonee A., MD- Anesthesiology
30) Franco, Delma, MD.- Neurology
31) Gargalicana, Suset G., MD- Internal Medicine, Pulmonology
32) Gelito, Gertrude Emilie P., MD- Ob-Gyn, Reproductive Endocrine
33. Gicos, Adrilee, MD- Rehab Medicine
34. Hilado, Rafael Martin D., MD-Surgery, Thoracic and Cardiovascular;
35) Jabasa, Hannah C., MD- Obstetrics-Gynecology
36) Jardiolin, Chester H., MD- Neurosurgery
37) Jardiolin, Mary Ann T., MD- Pediatrics, General
38) Juan Loa, Marilou P., MD -Obstetrics-Gynecology
39) Juan Loa, Antonio S., MD- Surgery, General
40) Juan Loa, Sonia S.,MD- Obstetrics-Gynecology
41) Libutaque, Rosie A., MD-Anesthesiology
42) Licup, Ganeroso D., MD-Internal Medicine, Neurology
43) Lopez, Geanie C., MD- Obstetrics-Gynecology
44) Lozada, Evelyn Socorro S.,MD- Pediatrics, General
45) Lozada, Nuelma L., MD- Obstetrics-Gynecology
46) Lozada, Roberto S., MD- Pediatric Surgery
47) Luhan, Meda Rose, MD- Pediatric Anesthesiology
48) Ong, Myrna L., MD - Pediatrics, General
49) Paranpan, Mary Ann P., MD- Pediatrics. General
50) Patrimonio, Demetrio Jr., MD.- Neonatology

51) Patrimonio, Mary Ann T. MD-Internal Medicine, Allergology
52) Ponje, Amee Lourdes R., MD- Internal Medicine, Pulmonology
53) Portigo, Edgardo, MD.-Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology
54) Quitasol, Rodolfo A., MD- Anesthesiology
55) Rico, Mac Arthur G., MD- Anesthesiology
56) Rodriguez, Mary Jane V., MD-Pediatrics, Cardiology
57) Salcedo, Cynthia Antonia O., MD- Ophthalmology
58) Samoy, Marietta T., MD - Obstetrics-Gynecology
59) Sirilan, Herman Melvin P., MD-ENT
60) Sonza, Sheila May P.,MD- Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology
61) Sotomil, Miguel H., MD- Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology
62) Taneña, Rowena T., MD- Pediatrics
63) Trivilegio, Rodrose G., MD-Internal Medicine- Pulmonology
64) Tupas, Clibbeth U.,MD- Obstetrics-Gynecology
65) Uy, Jesse G., MD -Surgery, General
67) Uy, Roland L., MD -Surgery, General
68) Valderrama, Mary Danielle A., MD-Obstetrics-Gynecology
69) Valencia, Danilo V., MD- Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology

70) Valencia, Gisella P., MD- Pediatrics, Intensivist
71) Villareal , Hazyl, B., MD- Pediatrics, Neurology
72) Villareal, Victor Jose D., MD- Internal Medicine, Diabetology
73) Villaret, Paping D., MD- Surgery, General
74) Viray, Ma. June G.,MD-Pediatrics, General
75) Yoro, Bobby, MD.- Internal Medicine.

    The medical staff will be bolstered by more than 250 doctors who are common share investors actively practicing in the city and neighboring towns.